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Hard copies of lectures marked with an asterisk (*) can be obtained by contacting

Those marked with a double asterisk (**) are available on line as (.pdf) files.

List of Lectures

1961 Prof. Huston Smith, Accent of the World’s Religions

1963 Ven Abbot Sumangalo, Common Denominations in Asian Thought

1965 Prof. E. G. Parrinder, Christian Theology and Two Asian Faiths

1966 Prof. W. Cantwell Smith, Religious Atheism? Early Buddhist and Recent American

1968 Dr Carmen Blecker, Methods of Yoga in Japanese Buddhism

1970 Dr Seyyed Hossein, Nasr Sufism and the Perennity of the Mystical Quest

1972 Prof. R. Zwi Werblowsky, Jerusalem: City of Three Religions

1975 Prof. D. Lancashire, Man: Determined or Free?

1975 Prof. Joseph Kitagawa, Some Reflections on the Japanese World of Meaning

1976 Prof. W. E. H. Stanner, Some Aspects of Aboriginal Religion

1977 Dr. Kosuke Koyama, Interpreting Religious Situations in a Technological Age

1978 Prof. J. Mbiti, Prayer and Spirituality in African Religion

1978 Prof. Eric Sharpe, Universal Religion for Universal Man

1979 Fr. Jospeh F. Spae, CCIM East Challenges West: Towards A Convergence of Spiritualities

1979 Prof. Roland M. Berndt, A Profile of Good and Bad in Australian Aboriginal Religion

1980 Prof. Garry Trompf, Religion and Money: Some Aspects

1981 Prof. Liu Ts’un-yan, The essence of Taoism: Its Philosophical, Historical and religious Aspects

1981 Dr. Rowan Ireland, Interpreting Babel: Towards a Sociology of Afro-Brazilian Cults

1982 Dr. Dianne Bell, Aboriginal Women and Religious Experience

1982 Prof. A. Johns, Moses in the Qu’ran: Finite and Infinite Dimensions of Prophecy

1983 Peter Bishop, Tibet in its Place

1983 Prof. K. Klostermaier, The Body of God: Cosmos-Avatar-Image

1984 Graham Rossiter, Religious Education in Schools

1984 Rabbi Raymond Apple, The Folk/Faith Dualism in Judaism: Problems of Jewish Self-Definition

1985 Peter Willis, Riders in the Chariot: Aboriginal Conversion to Christianity in Remote Australia

1985 Dr. Tony Swain, On “Understanding” Aboriginal Religion

1986 Prof. M. A. El Erian, Halal vs Haram: Behavioral Concepts in Islam

1986 Purushotima Bilimoria, Hinduism in Australia

1987 Philip Alexander, Magic and Mysticism in Judaism

1987 Michael O’Donoghue, The Quest of Myth

*1988 Deborah Bird Rose, Ned Kelly Died for our Sins

*1988 Dr. Majella Franzmann, Living Water: Mediating element in Mandean Myth and Ritual

*1989 Dr. Rod Bucknell, Buddhist Meditation and the Study of Mystical Experience

1989 Dr. Patricia Sherwood, New Religious Movements in Western Australia

*1990 Prof. Martin Marty, Fundamentalism's Compared and the Rise of Fundamentalism around the world: What a Way to End the Millennium!

1990 Prof. Max Charlesworth, Religion and Ethics in a Multicultural Society

1990 Dr. Paul Stange, The Collapse of Lineage and the Availability of Gnosis

1991 Dr. Robert Crotty, Multiculturalism and Religious Pluralism: Interaction and Overlap

1991 Dr. Vic Hayes, Faithful Syncretism

*1992 Father Frank Brennan, SJ Land Rights – The Religious Factor

1992 Rosemary Crumlin, Aboriginal Art – The Religious Factor (No manuscript available)

*1993 Dr. Morny Joy, Eccentrics, Ecstatics and Exceptional Women

*1994 Dr. Nonie Sharp, Malo’s Law in Court: The Religious Background to the Mabo Case

*1994 Dr Lynne Hume, Compendium Beneficiorum: Beliefs and Practices of Modern Witchcraft in Australia

1995 Rev. George Rosendale, Rainbow Spirit Theology (See book with same title)

1995 Vicki Walker, Aboriginal Ritual in Christian Worship (No manuscript available)

**1996 Prof. Paul Rule, The Strange Death of Religion in China

**1997 Dr. Kim Power, Heavenly Bodies? The Ambiguity of the Body in Religious Discourse and Practice

**1997 Rabbi John S Levi, Strike Me Lucky! Judaism in Australia

1998 Prof. Max Charlesworth, Religion and Religions (in Managing Religious Diversity edited by Gary Bouma)

**1999 Dr Susan Aykut, Hairy Politics: Hair Rituals in Ottoman and Turkish Society

**1999 Dr. Douglas Pratt, Identity and Interaction: Islam and the Challenge of Interreligious Dialogue

2000 Prof. Norman Habel, The Challenge of Ecojustice Readings for Christian Theology (in Pacifica June 2000)

**2001 Dr. Philip R. Davies, The Essene Revolution

**2001 Dr. William (Bill) Edwards, Recovering Spirit: Exploring Aboriginal Spirituality

**2002 Dr. Benjamin Penny, The Falun Gong Movement in China

**2004 Toni Tidswell, The Qur'an and contemporary Muslim understanding of modesty: the case of the Aziz's wife

**2005 Heather Foster, Conformity and subversion in the diaspora: Hindu women in South Australia

**2005 Carole Cusack, Religion as Something Absolutely Ordinary

**2006 John D'Arcy May, Political Religion: Studying the World's Religion in Global Civil Society

**2006 Mitri Raheb, Land, Peoples and Identities: A Palestinian Perspective

**2007 Adam Possamai, Yoda Goes to the Vatican

**2007 Philip Hughes, If Jesus is in Disneyland, Where is the Buddha?

2008-9 Marion Maddox, "There isn’t a Racist Bone in My Body!" Race and Religion in the Vocabulary of Fear

**2010 Paul Rule, Is the Chinese Rites Controversy Over? A Justification for Studying a Seventeenth Century Argument

2011 Anne Gardner, The Persistence of Apocalyptic: One Key Vision and its Persistence through Time. This manuscript is published in the journal Pacifica 2014 Vol. 29 (1), pp. 4-27.

**2012 Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée, Shen (spirit, soul) in Chinese Religion and Medicine

**2012 Carole Cusack, Fictional Religions and Religious Fictions

**2013 - Part 1 Elizabeth Pike, A Far Cry - A Resounding call to ALL Australians

**2013 - Part 2 Robyn Reynolds, Missionary Turned Around: Bound to be free

**2014 Matthew Clarke, Christianity and the Shaping of Vanuatu's Social and Political Development

** 2015 Gary D. Bouma, Two Disconnected Discourses of Disconnection: Anti-West and Anti-Islamic Discourses

** 2019 Norman Habel, The Terra Australis Statement from the Heart: Principles for Promoting Peace with Planet Earth

Publications sponsored by The Charles Strong Trust

1971 Colin R. Badger, The reverend Charles Strong and the Australian Church (Melbourne: Abacanda Press)

1972 John Bowman, Comparative religion: The Charles Strong Trust Lectures 1961-1970 (Leiden: Brill)

1987 Robert Crotty, The Charles Strong lectures 1972-1984 (Leiden: Brill)

1991 Colin Badger, A Brief History of the origin, structure and Progress of the Trust 1939-1990

1997 Rainbow Spirit Elders, Rainbow Spirit Theology: Towards an Australian Aboriginal Theology (Melbourne: HarperCollins)

1998 Max Charlesworth, (ed) Religious Business: Essays on Australian Aboriginal Business (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

2000-2002 Norman Habel, (ed) Earth Bible (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press). 5 volumes

Norman Habel (ed) The Earth Bible Commentary Series, published by Sheffield Phoenix. First 2 volumes published in 2011-2012.

2011 Norman Habel et al. The Season of Creation. A Preaching Commentary (Minneapolis: Fortress Press).

**2013 The Charles Strong Memorial Trust, Towards a Black Theology (1971) & Learning from Black Theology (2011): Historic Papers by Basil Moore (Adelaide, South Australia).

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