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The Charles Strong (Australian Church) Memorial Trust
Founded 1957

‘For the promotion in Australia of the sympathetic study of world religions’

The trust is a memorial to the life and labours of the Rev. Dr. Charles Strong (1844-1942) and a tribute to the members and adherents of the Australian Church (1855-1955) who faithfully supported and encouraged Dr. Strong in his religious and social work.


Income from the trust is used to promote, in Australia, the study and understanding of world religions. In accordance with the constitution of the Trust world religions is understood to include all major religious or religious philosophies other than Christianity. The study of world religions also includes dialogue between Christianity and philosophies or disciplines that illuminate the nature of religion.

The activities of the Trust include:

  • An annual Charles Strong Trust lecture by a notable scholar in religious studies or a related field.
  • A lecture, on an appropriate occasion, by a promising young Australian scholar on some aspect of religion.
  • The periodic sponsorship of visiting scholars and lecturers in the field of world religions.
  • The extension of grants to individuals or institutions for projects or programmes that promote the aims of the Trust.
  • Assistance in the publication of books or periodicals dealing with world religions and the study of religion.

Those interested in further details about these activities of the Trust should contact the current chair of the Trust, Dr. Norman Habel


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